Meet our buddies


We are EXSA Europe, we represent the fruit of our growers. We smell, feel and taste our fruit all along the chain, from grower to consumer.

EXSA Europe and its lean team of experts focuses on the fruit and the consumers. Our business always starts with the customer. Their needs are of greet importance to us. Therefore, we are always listening to our clients about their needs and those of their customers. Occasionally, we ask consumers to pay a little attention to the following, our buddy Unicef.

Why we are buddies

EXSA Europe positively contributes to a Unicef project called 'Plastic Bricks'. This project takes place in Ivory Coast and contributes to three aspects i.e. minimizing environmental pollution, creating more jobs especially for women and creating more classrooms and better education for children. We as EXSA Europe are very happy to have a positive impact on the world!

If you want to know more about the UNICEF - Plastic Bricks - click here!
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