The best fruit from own cultivation around the world

We pride ourselves to control the chain from our own grown fruit to deliver fresh at every store in Europe.


Our shareholders are the growers, our lines are as short as possible and that is what satisfies our clients. We control the chain by monitoring quality and quantity. All our growers / partners are GlobalGap certified, and are fully committed to the highest social standards, like ETI/Smeta, Siza and Grasp. EXSA Europe is IFS Broker certified at Higher level. We are experts and our expertise is being shared between customers and growers all the time.

EXSA Europe and its lean team of experts focuses on the fruit and the consumers.



Things we outsource: We do not have big trucks, we do not have our own warehousing. We do not have a fancy head office building. Our main focus stays on the fruit. The logistics and packaging is done by specialized and dedicated partners. All within our company in Elshout.


EXSA Europe provides a range of specialized services which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.


EXSA Europe stands out in the field of cultivation. Within the EXSA group we have lots of fruit cultivation.


  • Year-round grapes, own cultivations in South Africa and Egypt;
  • Citrus from overseas, own cultivation in South Africa;
  • Melons from overseas, own cultivation in Costa Rica;
  • Stone fruit from overseas, own cultivation in South Africa.


We have our own packing facility at EXSA Europe. In partnership with PACKXPERTS, we pack exclusively for our clients. We strive for leadership in sustainable packaging and we are improving our packing material day by day.


What we pack:


  • Grapes top seal and clam shells;
  • Citrus in different kind of net bags;
  • Stone fruit in punnets;
  • Tailor made consumer packaging.


Our business always starts with the customer. Their needs are of great importance to us. Therefore, we are always listening to our clients about their needs and those of their customers.


We are highly represented at the European markets. Our biggest market is the retail market, but also the Wholesale, Foodservice and Processing markets are of great importance to us.