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We take you on a journey to meet the grower!

We are EXSA Europe, specialist in Grapes, citrus and stone fruit and melons. We would like to share the purest taste and quality fruit with our clients. Our main focus is the fruit from the growers within our group of companies.

We monitor everything, from source to delivery

EXSA stands for Export South Africa and originally started to look after the South African grapes in Europe and expanding the brand to other countries for a year-round supply. We added all other relevant grape-growing regions to our portfolio to supply the best tasting grapes throughout the whole year. We also added citrus, stone fruit and melons from our own cultivation at oversea regions to our product portfolio.

‘Irresistible flavor’ due to perfect plum-taste

EXSA Europe launches ready-to-eat plums


It is important that with the increasing demand for plums, the consumer can assume the fruit is ripe and tasty at the moment of purchase. That is when EXSA Europe comes in to launch their new concept: ready-to-eat plums.

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