Ready-to-eat plums 'best eating experience'



We offer the best tasting plums during the winter season with our Ready To Eat plums. The fruit is shipped from South Africa and will be ripened in the unique ripening cell after arrival in the Netherlands. This gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy the plums tasty and ripe direct after purchasing.



EXSA Europe has created a unique ripening cell in the Netherlands to reach the perfect taste and ripeness. We collaborated with our QC partner and the supplier of ripening cells. The humidity and temperature can be adjusted to the desired settings in order to control a fast ripening process, this optimizes the taste and makes sure the plums are ready to eat when the consumer buys the fruit.


EXSA Europe offers a great variety of plums and pluots*. We can guarantee our quality due to EXSA controlling the supply chain of the, from source until delivery. All plums will be ripened until evenly ripe and tasteful.


* The pluot is a natural cross between plums and apricots, the name consists of the combination of these two fruits (PLUm and apricOT).


Important in-store information about our ready-to-eat plums:


  • Consistent delivery from mid-December until May;
  • Available in 2,5 kilos EXSA R2E box or 4 piece pack;
  • Punnet sizes from A – AAA;
  • Ready to eat plums must be offered chilled.

We still have a lot to tell about our ready to eat plums. Want to get to know more? Send an e-mail to and we would be pleased to inform you.